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We deliver end-to-end services to keep your IT infrastructure robust with continuous monitoring and prompt troubleshooting across the region. We also provide services to plan, implement and manage changes in your IT environment to support the uninterrupted flow of your business operations.

IT infrastructure monitoring

  • We set up and configure various IT infrastructure monitoring tools, e.g., Nagios, Zabbix, Prometheus to ensure prompt detection of any IT issues occurring in your IT environment.
  • We provide reports on the performance of IT infrastructure components and your resource consumption.
  • We transform ideas into programs and enable our customers to achieve success. During these years, we have gained the reputation of a stable outsourcing partner.
  • Based on your need, our plans and design changes and expansions of your IT infrastructure.
  • We implement the changes and expansions in collaboration with your in-house IT team or your other vendors.
  • We assist and train your application development and support team to adapt to the changed IT infrastructure.

IT help desk and troubleshooting

  • We provides help desk services and addresses IT issues of various severity and complexity, thus making you free from the necessity to arrange your in-house IT infrastructure help desk team
  • We timely address the issues which may cause potential damage to your IT infrastructure or its components.
  • We analyze the possible business impact of an incident, resolve incidents, and thoroughly study the event logs to identify the root causes of incidents, analyze the possible business impact and suggest preventive measures so that it doesn’t reoccur in the future.
  • Depending on the services coverage required by client, we can deliver our IT infrastructure managed services in any one of the below two models
  • Complete managed IT infrastructure services: We provide services using our own IT and human resources and don’t use client’s resources.
  • Co-managed IT infrastructure services: We work with your in-house IT team and establish a collaboration to jointly cope with IT infrastructure maintenance (ex. Adjusting risk management processes, performing regular security assessments, delivering regular reports on your IT infrastructure performance) quickly and efficiently.